Take Audio Sabbath Moment with you anywhere!
I have recorded some of my favorite Sabbath Moments and made them available for you on 6 different CDs.
I have sorted them into topics for you.  In your car or in your home get your inspiration anytime you want.
Each CD is only $9.99 and that includes the shipping.
Get all 6 CDs at an amazingly low price of $30 (save 50%)
Audio Sabbath Moment
A weekly dose of soul food, mainlined straight to the heart.
Real stories, real people
Stories have a way of keeping us alive. Places we don't need to pretend
 or hide or feel stuck.
Permission to Rest
It's a time to let our souls catch up 
with our bodies.
Permission to Refuel
We smile. We laugh. We cry. We learn. 
We grow. We are replenished. 
Permission to Be intentional
We can make choices that celebrate wholeheartedness. 
Be inspired
"Every SM you flip on the lights. Thank you, you make the lights brighter."
Rediscover wonder
Every day... Relish. Savor. Wonder. Dance. Smile. Notice. Enjoy gooseflesh.
Permission to just be
Every day we are asked to do, perform and impress. We need places to just be.
Create a space for grace
Sanctuary is a restorative that re-calibrates our soul, a place where we don't owe, and no one owes us.
Permission to be You
Sanctuary is a place there I feel at home in my own skin.
Find  your sanctuary
A sanctuary is a place that restores us, replenishes us, nourishes us.
A space for grace
Sanctuary is a dose of grace. Bestowing gifts of stillness, gladness and delight.
See the sacred everyday
Sanctuary is where you cherish you life, where you practice being present.
Live with intention
Buy a ticket to live front and center in this life, to tend to what really matters.
Live wholehearted with wonder
When I am present, I listen, wonder, savor, notice, give, receive and dance.
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What a great idea to make audio versions of your weekly Sabbath Moments. I have been a subscriber for years and these bring your reflections to life in a whole new way. Thank you!
--Maggie D.
These CDs turn my car into a mobile sanctuary. I never leave home without them. --John R.